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In Tech on September 17, 2007 at 8:29 pm

I recently tried the free domain name service OpenDNS after my ISP’s DNS servers suffered some problems. Although the ISP DNS servers were O.K at first, they began to show problems like blank pages and occasional service shut-downs. Although at the time I had not read any reviews of the service at the time. Most of the time people don’t have issues with their DNS service but chose to use OpenDNS because of the features that they offer like spell correction, faster load times and anti-phishing filters. In my case I was really looking for a solution to a problem, however, my experience was rather short lived. Since I do not reside in the US which is where most of their servers are located, I ended up getting certain sites in the US edition rather than the localised editions of the sites. Having also read of some reviews and a few comments about the service, I have since then decided to use the openDNS server only as my secondary DNS. The primary remains to be my ISP’s DNS server.

Has anyone else had the same problem? What are your views, post your comments.


  1. Where are you, in the world?

    Which sites?

    John Roberts

  2. John,

    I live in the Fiji Islands. I am referring mainly to Google. Usually going to redirects you to, the localised edition. This does not hold true when I use OpenDNS.

    I reckon they use my IP to identify where I live. Why then is it that when I use OpenDNS that I see, not the localised edition

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