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Can Anyone Rival My Record

In Life on September 19, 2007 at 4:36 pm

It has been nearly four years since I came back to Fiji. Although it is a great place, some things simply are not good here. I have not been to a commercial cinema since I have come here. Not that I remember anyway. I have not eaten at McDonalds or KFC a lot either after having seen “Super Size Me”. At most once over the last 3 years. The documentary is worth a watch. I reckon if everyone saw it, McDonalds might run out of business. The meals at any one of these places are would be utterly disgusting an unhygienic, not to mention unhealthy. It is needless to say that these places are among the most visited restuarants in Fiji especially since the local universities are located near by.

We are also now beginning to see more and more “slow food” restuarants emerging in the capital and around tourist spots. I suppose this is a good thing. They will be a worthwhile checkout.

So can anyone beat my record? (vegetarians not included)

The Spray Can


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