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Is Skype a real pain to use?

In Life, Tech on May 15, 2008 at 10:12 pm

I had thought about this at one point in time at least. Do I really want to use Skype just because its cheap? Well although the answer seems to be yes. Who really wants to turn the computer on each time they want to make a call, or just leave it on the entire day wasting precious electricity. Well, I surely don’t.

The biggest question is whether I made the mistake of buying such a phone, if it can be called a phone. I remember insisting my parents to buy a phone which does not require the computer and can just plug up to my router, but what do they know about such a difference, they just know that its a phone and it is compatible with Skype. So, there goes 200-300 bucks down the drain for a particularly useless device. Oh, how the world is so cruel.

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