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Samsung LCDs are a No GO!

In Tech on September 21, 2008 at 8:36 am

Here’s the deal. Samsung is a well known producer of LCD T.V. They are even cheaper than most other brands out there; however, their quality is lacking. Samsung producers many of the same things as most other brands like LG and Philips and Panasonic for example. They even produce some computer parts too. In the computing realm, Samsung might earn itself to be a premium display; its screens are dearer than other brands and often preferred; needless to say, there are other good brands too. The problem though is with T.Vs only.

Having said all that, the problem isn’t with their build quality; but with their picture quality. Basically, the processors that convert all those standard definition images to fit the native resolution on the screen are not very good at all. The image is highly jaggered around the edges and text as well. This is extremely annoying when watching a DVD from a short distance away. The sharpness has to be toned down drastically to attain any good viewing condition. This is really poor quality, you would expect these sought of problems on an unbranded television set, not on a name brand like Samsung.

I suppose it may not be on every model in their range, especially since the one I have is a series 4 model. The picture quality from any High Definition source is very good and the problem does not exist with that. It’s just noticable in DVDs and especially when there are many moving items in the frame; the picture begins to distort badly there. All in all, much can’t be said, the set is still a good deal for its price.


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