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In Life on April 15, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Well, there are a few things that nobody can live without. One of them is obviously the internet. Ever wondered what you would do with out it, or what you do when there is an outage.

Anyway, I have chosen 2Talk max to be my ISP and VOIP provider. Beamed wirelessly from the sky tower not too far from my apartment, it gives a similar experience to that of Kidanet in Fiji. The fact that it is Wimax by Alvarion is understood but the Consumer premises equipment is more like that of Unwired- self install, indoor variety. I personally have the $65 a month plan which gives me unlimited traffic on the internet; something that nobody else will rival. They also give a phone line with two local numbers and 500 minutes of calling to landlines in most popular destinations, though this does not include Fiji. Other providers give a 5GB capped connection and landline with local calling only for $80 a month.

The service is excellent for the most part with close to 6 mbit downstream and around 3 mbit upstream speed. Something hard to find in most DSL services. On the other hand, I have had a few outages in the past few days for which I’m not all too pleased about. On the whole though, the service is quite good and cost effective.

The Spray Can

  1. Are you still using it? Is it still pretty good? how about a quick follow up on the long term experience?

  2. Well I no longer use their WiMax service because I moved houses and am out of their range, but I continue to use their VOIP phone service for $15 a month and use a naked broadband service from orcon. If it were possible to get their service at my new place I would probably have continued as it was a good service for the price. I don’t know how good it is doing now because I stopped end of last year. For some odd reason they never asked me to return the modem. I called them several times about it, but nobody returns my calls, so I have just kept it with me for now.

    There VOIP service is pretty good and they continue to make some improvements over time. It is useful for me especially because if I move house again I won’t have to bear changing my number every time. I also like the international calling rates and the ability to have 2 numbers in the price. They also have an iphone app which allows calls using your 2talk number. I think the analogue phone system is really a dead technology in terms of this day and age, VOIP is the way to go. I would definitely recommend their VOIP service to anyone; their call quality for local calls is just like a regular landline, no one can tell the difference.

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