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Windows 7 – Free for UoA Students

In Tech on August 16, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Well well folks. Windows 7 has gone to manufacturing some time this month and has already become available for subscribers to MSDN and to volume license customers. It will be released publically on 22nd October.  Obviously people buying computers with Vista Home premium and above will be eligible to upgrade for free if they purchase a computer after Some time in June.

Why have I said all this?

Well. I have got a copy of the final release and have installed it on my Macbook. Basically, dual booted it.

How have I got a copy?

I got a copy from my university: the university of Auckland. All students doing any of the information systems and operations management courses can get a copy for free along with other software as well. This is the reward for going to one of the leading universities in New Zealand and a top 50 university in the world.


Windows 7 is quite an improvement over its predecessor in quite a few ways. Firstly, it looks and feels slightly better and is move responsive and has a decent boot up speed. It jams well with my mac and all the drivers that Apple included for Windows. I managed to install some games that were meant for XP and Vista without too much trouble and they worked fine. I must say that the annoying UAC thing is much better and overall the system feels much more lightweight and faster.

I really haven’t done much with it yet, but the system is looking hopeful. Commercially, Windows 7 will probably the success that Vista never was. It is good enough to run on a netbook and hat means Buh bye XP. Expect prices of Netbooks to rise as many of them will start to ship with windows 7.

Overall, very pleasing indeed, especially for free!

The Spray Can

  1. Hi there,

    Where can I get a copy of Windows 7 from UOA? I am a CompSci student. Is it possible to download of the UOA netowrk because my broadband is slow. I’m using Windows RC at the moment but it expires in March 2010

  2. Hi VC,

    I’m not so sure CompSci students qualify. If you are doing an ISOM/IM course, you are eligible. It is downloadable from their software download site. Usually lecturers or tutors do mention this. The site is; you can try your luck. If you are eligible, then you will be able to download it at the university and it is also recommended that you do it there.

  3. If you’re a CompSci student at practically any university in the world, you can get a free copy of Windows 7 from MSDNAA. You can check if your University is registered for MSDNAA at or ask the representative at your university. I believe a lot of high schools (in USA) are also eligible.

  4. Just to clarify, in fact at the university of auckland you are eligible for isom, comsci and even for some engineering courses.

  5. sometimes windows7 won’t install if you install it on a pc with a previous installation of windows XP “”

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