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All Blacks Jersey Cheaper Overseas

In Life on August 8, 2011 at 10:09 pm

The higher pricing of jerseys in NZ has sparked some criticism in the media of late.

I am totally with those that decided to import theirs from overseas. Importing is a really good idea right now as our dollar is still pretty strong against the US dollar. You will get that instant saving right there if the rate is in our favor. I think it should teach Adidas that we live in a globalized world and you can’t try to charge different prices in different regions all the time.

I can understand the reason for doing so. It is basically to do with demand. Hardly anyone is going to buy an All Blacks jersey in the UK or other countries like that. The most All Blacks jerseys are going to be sold in New Zealand. New Zealanders are willing to pay that high price to get it.

There is a theory called prospect theory. The basic idea is that of framing the prospect. The media is publicizing it as if we are paying more, but it can equally be framed such that the price we are paying is the normal price and there is a discount for the other countries due to lower demand. If we framed it like a discount, it wouldn’t sound so bad. Let’s face it though, this publicity has to be good for us, retailers will lower prices at some point.

Here’s to media pressure!


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