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DECT Cordless Phones

In Tech on August 8, 2011 at 8:49 pm

DECT Cordless phones are the standard. You see them everywhere don’t you just.

The key thing is to remember that the DECT spectrum is 1.8 to 1.9 GHZ depending on the country you are in. The US is in a slightly different spectrum. Anyway, this means the spectrum is dedicated, there is nothing else there but cordless phones. It pays to buy a DECT phone for a couple of reasons:

1. 2.4ghz and 5ghz is an open spectrum and there are wifi devices, bluetoothand microwaves operating at those frequencies. You will find it difficult to operate some of those devices. Take my example, I had Uniden phone and also a wifi hotspot Everytime the phone rang, the wifi would get cut off. It can be very annoying.

2. 1.9ghz will go through concrete walls better than the high ghz frequencies like 2.4 or 5. This is another bonus.

3. The handsets made by most companies are GAP compatible so they can be used with other brand base stations or the same brands added together even if you didn’t buy the multi handset version the first time around.

The 5ghz phones are only good for farms and open spaces where you need the reach of the phone to be long in an unobstructed space, not an obstructed one. DECT is the best for urban areas and will give best range where there are many walls compared to the 5ghz phones.

In terms of GAP phones, Panasonic and Siemens Gigaset are my favourites. I quite hate the Uniden phones for creating those 2.4 nd 5ghz phones in the first place.

You can easily pair any GAP handset to a base station by simply pressing the button on the base for long enough and then using the registration menu on a phone to seek out the base, entering in the PIN and syncing it up. I never knew this, until I read the manual for the phone and it was right at the back. I bought 2 one handset versions of a panasonic cordless and I thought I had to hook both up to the line separately and then answered calls displayed as missed calls on the other. I then registered the second phone to the first base and presto, It worked just like the 2 handset model now.

I hope this helps somebody out in deciding what to buy.


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