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Slow Download of iTunes Movie Rental

In Life, Tech on June 3, 2010 at 10:02 pm

It’s the usual story. I got a little bored and decided that I wanted to watch a movie. Of course I’m not so inclined to rent one from a video library because I then have to go return it the day after. With the added bonus of my larger data cap this month I decided that I would purchase a rental on itunes and then watch it on my T.V using a mini DVI to HDMi cable and adapter.

I managed to download it and watch it in fact on my T.V. Sure, the picture wasn’t very good; even a DVD would quickly outclass it. It was nonetheless an exciting experience; I did manage to use my ipod touch as a remote as well.

My main concern is not how cumbersome it is to watch a rented movie unless you opt for the Apple TV option with HD video from Itunes or how poor the quality of the video is. I wouldn’t even complain about the fact that it still counts towards the data cap. I will complain about the fact that it took me a god awful long time to download it. I calculated at the time based on estimated time of completion and the file size that I was being restricted to downloading the movie to a meager 512kbps. This is pretty shocking because I believe it took well over 7 hours to download it. what I want to know is why? I know for certain that this is not the first time it has happened. I know that the last time it happened, I was on a different ISP altogether. I know it was a similar time to download, so the 512kbps restriction was the same. I know that on both occasions my international bandwidth was capable of a lot more than 512kbps.

It only leads me to the conclusion that somewhere and somehow there is an artificial restriction on the download speed for movies on itunes in New Zealand unless already on the local cache.

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Can Anyone Rival My Record

In Life on September 19, 2007 at 4:36 pm

It has been nearly four years since I came back to Fiji. Although it is a great place, some things simply are not good here. I have not been to a commercial cinema since I have come here. Not that I remember anyway. I have not eaten at McDonalds or KFC a lot either after having seen “Super Size Me”. At most once over the last 3 years. The documentary is worth a watch. I reckon if everyone saw it, McDonalds might run out of business. The meals at any one of these places are would be utterly disgusting an unhygienic, not to mention unhealthy. It is needless to say that these places are among the most visited restuarants in Fiji especially since the local universities are located near by.

We are also now beginning to see more and more “slow food” restuarants emerging in the capital and around tourist spots. I suppose this is a good thing. They will be a worthwhile checkout.

So can anyone beat my record? (vegetarians not included)

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